Inauguration of the First Contemporary Art Space in Sardinia focused on Latin American Art

On July 2, the inauguration of the Galleria Macca, with an exhibition by Miami-based Argentine artist Diego Singh, marked the birth of the first contemporary art space in Sardinia dedicated to Latin American Art.

The main exhibition room in the gallery presented the series "SON," a group of paintings developed through a software application designed for android mobile phones that approached painting as a linguistic topos. To Singh, this linguistic platform functions both to "access" and to "repress," as well as a medium in which conflict is problematized through the passive-aggressive nature of signs. 

Macca’s founder, independent curator and producer Claude Corongiu, has collaborated with several emerging Latin American artists. She felt the need to open the Macca in Cagliari—Sardinia, her hometown—as the first contemporary art space entirely dedicated to showcase the work of mid-career and emerging Latin American artists. The space is particularly focused on site-specific projects that address current political and conceptual themes, as it offers an intellectual platform for dissent and artistic research.