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Ciclotrama 82 (intersec├ž├úo) - detail site-specific RTB 2017
Ciclotrama 82 (intersec├ž├úo) - detail site-specific RTB 2017

Rijswijk TextilBiennial 2017


The fifth Rijswijk Textile Biennial will take place from 16 May to 24 September 2017Twenty-four international artists will be showing their fibre art‘Well-worn’ textile techniques like weaving, knitting and embroidery, combined with photography and digital processes, are used to express social and political themes, as well as personal stories. Powerful statements about oppression, terrorism, ageing and gender are wrapped in soft textiles. Art that poses questions. Questions that need not be answered right away. ‘Fabric’ for thought.     


Provocative knitted portraits of iconic female artists

Shocked facial expressions in response to terrorist attackscaptured in embroidered self-portraits

A metres-high tapestry that tells the story of protest, while having right at its centre a stray dog made famous by social media and choosing the side of the protestors.


Politics and art, bound to each other by threads. Thread – that which literally bindsThe installation Collective Strings in the forecourt of Museum Rijswijk will grow through the participation of visitors. Kilometreof colourful strings will take to the air, become entangled and create a transparentwork of art. The public will do the performing, while the choreography is free-style.


The Textile Biennials at Museum Rijswijk have grown into internationally renowned exhibitions in the world of fibre art.  This fifth biennial is no exception. The selected artists are at the forefront in their innovative uses of fibre and textile to express powerful messages with potent imagery.


Kristina Aas & Karina Presttun (Norway), Maryam Ashkanian (Iran), Susanna Bauer (England), Renato Dib (Brazil), Jenni Dutton (England), Nigel Hurlstone (England), Henry Hussey (England), Daun Jeong (Korea), Kate Just (Australia), Alice Kettle (England), Rieko Koga (Japan/France), Karoline H Larsen (Denmark), June Lee (Korea), Tamar Mason (South Africa), Janaina Mello Landini (Brazil)Sophia Narrett (United States), Laima Or┼żekauskien─Ś-Ore (Lithuania), Jon Riis (United States), Agnès Sébyleau (France)Hannalie Taute (South Africa), Cristiàn Velasco (Chile), Murat Yildiz (Turkey), Ji SeonYoon (Korea). 


An illustrated catalogue of thRijswijk Textile Biennial 2017 will be published (Dutch/English). Author: Frank van der Ploeg


On Sunday 10 September there will be a textile market in the forecourt of the museum (11am-5pmand in the Oude Kerk(12:30-5pm) opposite.


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Ciclotrama 28 (Medusa) - detail site-specific at Galleria Macca. Ph. OliverioPhotography
Ciclotrama 28 (Medusa) - detail site-specific at Galleria Macca. Ph. OliverioPhotography