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Ciclotrama 115 (writing), 2018
Ciclotrama 115 (writing), 2018
La Collection BIC

In the years following its launch in 1950, the BIC® Cristal® pen quickly became a favorite with established and ambitious artists. They appreciated its quality, its precision, ease of access and the ability to create a simple sketch or a masterpiece. In 1998, an exhibition was organized at the Val d’Aoste as a tribute to the Baron Bich, a native of the region. On this occasion, artists created unprecedented artworks in connection with the brand’s products. It was the first step in the desire for a BIC collection, at the recommendation of Bruno Bich. Today, we are delighted to share it with you at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, curated by Ingrid Pux and Hervé Mikaeloff. With more than 80 international artists and 150 artworks, the simple everyday object (pen, razor, lighter) becomes a means of creation. The artists transform, transpose, transfigure. The exhibition is their laboratory. With this stroll through plural and unsuspected worlds, the collection is unveiled as eclectic and profuse. The artist diverts the object from its initial function, reinvents it and encourages us to break down the barriers between drawing and painting, writing and images, design and art.

From Bruno Bich, CEO of the BIC Group: “This collection shows how much the BIC® products may seduce artists worldwide, as much as a means of creation than as a source of inspiration. We are delighted to be able to share these artworks with the public for the first time.”

From L'Officiel Art, 26.04.2018
"La Brésilienne Janaina Mello Landini s'empare également de ce monde BIC avec une installation de cordes de bateau impregnées d'encre BIC, en hommage au Baron Bich et à l'entreprise, très préesente dans la voile". (Hervé Mikaeloff)

artistes et thématiques


Introduction autour des histoires de BIC 

Felix Aublet | Philippe Favier | Lucile Lesueur | Mad Meg | Pixal Parasit | Raymond Savignac

Les artistes historiques de l’exposition

Alighiero Boetti | César | Giorgio Colombo | Lucio Fontana | Alberto Giacometti | Fernand Léger | René Magritte

La galerie des portraits

Enam Bosokah | Carine Brancowitz | Juan Francisco Casas | Calixte Dakpogan | Fumatto | Lei Lei | Aurore Marette | Martin Parr | Frédéric Poincelet | THE KID | Giuseppe Stampone | Raymond Tsham

Le design, de l’objet à la mode

Oscar Carvallo | Eddie Clemens | Juliette Clovis | Gigi Conti | enPieza ! | Riccardo Gusmaroli | Sophie Hardeman | Kate Lennard | Proêmes de Paris | Tsé & Tsé | Paolo Ulian

Les architectures imaginaires :

Sara Abdu | Lena Andonova | Noviadi Angkasapura | Carlo Benvenuto | Hicham Berrada | Irma Blank | Jonathan Bréchignac | Anne-Flore Cabanis | Rebecca Chamberlain | Petros Chrisostomou | Mamadou Cissé | Claude Closky | Geoffroy Crespel | Amie Dicke | Jean Dupuy | Jan Fabre | Michel François | Angiola Gatti | Ghazel | Dalila Gonçalvès | Herbert Hinteregger | Thomas Hirschhorn | Liu Kai | Kai & Sunny | Frédéric Khodja | Charles Laib Bitton | Eric Lambé | Janaina Mello Landini | Il Lee | Kevin Lucbert | Olivier Michel | Andreï Molodkin | Teresa Poester | Haleh Redjaian | Laurent Reypens | Stephen Schultz | Vincent Servoz | Ingénieur Vancy | Dominique Vangilbergen | Shony Wijaya | Tatiana Wolska